At A Cut Above, Inc. we use a wide variety of finishing top coats on our products.  The advice we provide to our clients as to how to maintain the finish is simple – never use a commercial furniture polish or any other commercially available solvents.  Our products are “furniture grade” and you can damage the finish if these products are used over a long period of time.  Warm water and a damp (not wet) rag are all you need to take care of day to day surface cleaning needs.

Alas, not every surface in your home is as easy to care for, and finding safe and effective household cleaners can be a chore in itself.  A recent article from the American Lung Association, suggests that even “green” household cleaners can contain volatile organic compounds and other harmful ingredients.

What if you could find a way to clean your home, ditch the dangerous chemicals and save money too? As it turns out, that isn’t too hard whip up effective DIY natural household cleaners with just a few, easy to find and eco-friendly ingredients.


DIY Glass Cleaner 

What You’ll Need;

What To Do;

In a spray bottle large enough to house at least two and a half cups of liquid, combine all ingredients. Shake this concoction vigorously to mix it well, also do this before every use to keep the cornstarch from clocking the spray nozzle. Simply spray and use as you would any commercially purchased glass cleaner.

Love the smell of a nice room spray? Not so keen on the aerosol can though? Freshen up any room with this recipe for aroma therapy.


DIY Natural Air Freshener

What You’ll Need;

What To Do;

It doesn’t get any more simple. Just combine all ingredients in your spray bottle, shake and spray.

*What is Essential Oil? An essential oil is a concentrated, hydrophobic liquid containing the aroma compounds from plants. Locally, here in Maryland, you can pick up essential oils at Roots Market locations in Clarksville and Olney. Shopping online? Try for a large assortment of options.

The best part of this DIY Natural Air Freshener is, you get to design your sent using those essential oils. Some favorites are the calming scents of lavender or sage, an invigorating blend of citrus oils, even a comforting vanilla. Your mixture will keep well for up to 30 days.

Got Lemons?

From libations to linguini, when summer hits you can find lemons just about everywhere, and rather inexpensively too.  More than just great in an ice cold lemonade, the lemon is a cleaning powerhouse. So put it to work! Squeeze the juice on your laminate counters, using the lemon itself as a scrubber, working the juice over any stains you need to get rid of. Simply rinse with water and dry with a cloth. Add a little salt (any type of salt) to your cut lemon, massage copper-bottomed pots or brass items and watch tarnish vanish.

Have tips of your own? Leave a comment below, we’d love to hear, and use them.

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