Welcome to A Cut Above! We build all of our cabinets from scratch – true custom cabinetry. We Build the cabinets to fit your space. As a result we can take advantage of all of your space and we can create designs that highlight the unique size and shape of your room. Our years of experience allow us to design and build cabinets for your kitchen, home office, library, bar, or elsewhere that will truly revolutionize your space.

We will meet with you to understand your vision for the room and what you expect from your custom cabinetry project. Because we provide cabinetry that is truly custom made, every aspect of your cabinets is in your control. We’ll help you pick the wood species and finish best suited for your project and design objectives. And, we’ll make feature recommendations that will add functionality and usability to your cabinets resulting in a surprising amount of storage space and convenience.


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