A Cut Above is a custom cabinetry and custom woodworking business. There is no “list of available features” for you to choose from because A Cut Above will incorporate almost any element you require into your project!

Here are some of the basic features included in A Cut Above’s custom projects:

Pullout shelves. Sometimes called “rollout drawers” or “rollout shelves,” pullout shelves function as drawers behind cabinet doors and will help you keep things organized and make your cabinetry “user friendly.” These drawers are constructed just like cabinet drawers except they are sized for the application and generally have a scooped front so you can easily grasp them and pull them out. 

Cabinet doors and drawer fronts. A Cut Above offers a wide variety of cabinet doors and drawer fronts for you to choose from. Styles include mortise and tenon doors, mitered corner doors, slab doors, and doors with applied moldings.

Paul and his craftsmen can make a recommendation as to which doors will best suit your project, but if these do not meet your needs they will work with you to select door edge and panel profiles that do.

Pocket doors. Commonly referred to as pivot or sliding pivot doors, these are normal cabinet doors mounted on pivot door slides when opened that are capable of sliding back into the cabinet, hidden from view. If you would like to hide your TV or anything else, A Cut Above can install pocket doors to add versatility to the look of your room.

Curved cabinet doors. Many of the cabinet doors can be curved, either convex or concave, to fit the style and needs of your project.

Solid wood cabinet tops. All of A Cut Above’s cabinet tops are fabricated of solid wood. A Cut Above does not use plywood, particleboard, or MDF for cabinet tops, whether your project is being stained or painted. In particular applications where sheet goods may be the best solution for a top, A Cut Above will use material that is best suited for the application. However, it is important to note that A Cut Above’s cabinetry includes solid wood tops, not plywood with solid nosing.

Passageway doors. If your cabinetry project involves an entire room, A Cut Above can provide replacement passageway doors in many solid wood species and designs.

French doors. A Cut Above can also supply French doors, most of which are available to include glass in the design.

Wainscot. A Cut Above can fabricate and install a variety of wall wainscot, including applied wall wainscot, flat panel wainscot, and raised panel wainscot from floor to ceiling or chair rail height. Paul and his craftsmen even designed and installed one application of wall wainscot to match a client’s existing wall paneling.

Library ladders. If you want a library ladder for your new bookcases, A Cut Above can install and deliver a ladder to match the overall design of your new library.

Cabinet drawers. The drawers used in A Cut Above’s cabinetry have solid wood sides and bottoms of wood veneer core plywood. All four corners of the drawer boxes are joined using half blind dovetails. A Cut Above generally includes ½ inch thick bottoms, resulting in a very stable drawer bottom. On occasion, if the specific design requires it, the craftsmen will use ¼ inch bottoms. Most importantly, they see to it that the drawers are properly assembled so the joints will last for many years.

File drawers. File drawers are constructed in the same manner as cabinet drawers except they are sized to handle letter-sized or legal-sized hanging folders and are equipped with hanging folder rails. The drawer slides are selected to allow for the weight of the drawers’ contents. A Cut Above’s designer will even work with you to determine if you want the file folders to be parallel or perpendicular to the motion of the drawer. It all depends on where you sit and how you look at the drawer to read the tabs

Sliding component shelf. A sliding component shelf is simply a flat shelf, mounted on full extension slides that you can use for your media components. You may find these useful when installing your media electronics and need to connect the cables.

Component shelf. If you will be using shelves in your base cabinets to hold media components such as your cable box, receiver, Blue Ray or DVD player, receiver or other electronic component, you will surely deal with cable connections. When constructing the adjustable shelves for your media equipment, A Cut Above’s staff always cut a large arc in the back, enabling the wires from one component to be connected to components on other shelves.

Drawer glides. A Cut Above uses soft close, under mount drawer glides for all drawers, roll outs, and pullout shelves. The drawer glides are full-extension and soft closing, thus making it very easy for you to access all the contents of your cabinetry drawers.

Valances. The valance is the piece of an upper cabinet that connects the two sides. This piece can be straight (horizontal to the floor) or arched (curved). If you want curved valances they can be a regular arc, an irregular arc, a gothic arch, a semi-circle or any other style. Whatever your design calls for, A Cut Above’s craftsmen can do it.

Stiles. These are the visible, front facing, vertical members of a cabinet. The stiles of the cabinetry can be designed flat, or can include flutes, beads, or other adornments like rosettes (squares with designs carved into them) or plinths (rectangular blocks at the top or bottom of the stiles, usually thicker and wider than the stile itself). We will work with you to incorporate these options in your project.

Crown molding. The crown molding is the molding located at the top of the built-in cabinetry and it comes in all shapes and sizes. Some common crown molding shapes are the ogee (s-shape) with a cove (concave arc) at the bottom. A Cut Above makes a variety of crown molding shapes and sizes, and can create a custom profile if that’s what your project requires.

A Cut Above’s woodworkers will match existing crown molding, making the crown molding seamless between the existing and the new. If you have a crown molding treatment that you want to preserve, A Cut Above will work with you to develop a match.

Lighting. A Cut Above has installed a variety of lighting solutions in custom cabinetry projects, including halogen lights, xenon lights, LEDs, incandescent, and fluorescent lighting.

Glass. A Cut Above offers a wide variety of glass solutions for your custom cabinetry project. Plate glass, tempered glass, beveled, etched, smoked, and even stained glass solutions are available as shelving, in cabinet doors, or as a decorative addition.

What about One of a Kind features? A Cut Above has installed hidden storage areas, removable base moldings, custom sized wooden vents, curved moldings, curved and fluted moldings, and tilt out laundry baskets and ironing boards.

The possibilities are endless when you choose A Cut Above!

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