Your kitchen is probably the most important room in your home.  This is where you celebrate those special family moments through the years.  It’s where you gather to share your daily experiences and where memories are made.   We’ll put our collective experience and craftsmanship to work to make sure that your new kitchen cabinets help to enhance those special moments through the years.  We’ll work hard to exceed your expectations of quality and service.

Designing, building, and installing new kitchen cabinetry is an important project to say the least.  At A Cut Above, Inc. we understand that and we will help make the process fun, instead of stressful.  We’ve heard time and time again from our clients that they’ll just sit in the room with our built-ins to absorb the feeling of warmth and quality of our cabinetry.  

Custom kitchen cabinetry by A Cut Above is designed specifically for you – your needs, your style, your vision.  We want you to experience a feeling of elegance and quality every time you enter your new kitchen.  And, your custom kitchen cabinetry will be designed, built and installed with the precision and care you expect.

Each kitchen cabinet we create is built in Howard County Maryland using North American materials.  Our custom built cabinetry is far superior to stock cabinetry that’s manufactured in a factory.  A builder recently commented on how unusual it was to see that our cabinetry is made of “real plywood” and that that the tongue and groove joinery was top notch.  He told us you don’t see that type of quality from factory cabinets.   R - Sink

Esthetics – Function – Craftsmanship – Customer Service

When you work with A Cut Above you’ll get exactly what you want.  You’ll be able to define the exact style of your new kitchen and we’ll integrate any custom features you want.  Whether you want traditional style kitchen cabinets or contemporary cabinetry we’ll recommend wood types, materials, and design characteristics to help you achieve your vision.

The joinery and the fit and finish will be of superior quality.  And when you call, we answer.  If you need to leave a message you’ll hear back from us that day.

We use CabinetVision ™ software to design our kitchens.  With CabinetVision we can easily design your kitchen cabinetry to the exact dimensions to fit your kitchen.  Each cabinet will include the features you want and you’ll be able to see the cabinetry and the kitchen in 3D well before it is built.  If you want to see the effect of a design change idea it’s not a problem with CabinetVision.

Check out this brief video to see how we used CabinetVision to design the “Coastal Kitchen” shown here.