From Concept to Reality


At your first meeting with A Cut Above you’ll have the chance to share your vision for your custom media cabinetry, library, bar, or other custom woodworking project directly with Paul. Getting to know you, your home, and what you would like to achieve with your new project is an important step in developing an initial design. It is also helpful if you have pictures of similar projects or other clear cut ideas of your goals. A rough sketch of the project, such as the one on the right, is generally created during your first meeting.


Once there is agreement to a conceptual sketch and the general construction of the project is determined a priced proposal will be developed for you. There may be some items that are undetermined at this point, but estimated costs are included and they will be resolved during the design process. At this stage you will know how much your project will cost and you’ll have the opportunity to make adjustments to the design, or scope of the project if you wish.


Once the agreement is signed A Cut Above will go to work to create a detailed initial elevation drawing of the project and the design process is started. You will review the initial design and make changes as appropriate to be sure the project includes all the features you want. Using your feedback the initial drawings will be revised and expanded until a complete “shop specification” exists. The design process may be completed in several steps, or many, depending on the scope and complexity of the project. The important thing is that the project is designed exactly the way you want it.

c2c triangle

When the shop specification for your project is completed, the cabinetry will be built and finished in our shop located in Howard County, MD. You are encouraged to visit the shop during the design process to choose door styles, custom moldings, and finishes, and during the building process to see the progress of your custom cabinetry.   When your project is nearing completion A Cut Above will work closely with you to schedule a convenient time to deliver and install it for you. Your home will be treated with care and every effort will be made to minimize the disruption associated with the installation.

From Concept to Reality, A Cut Above will work closely with you to be sure all of your requirements are incorporated into the project. Chip and the custom woodworkers at A Cut Above take pride in their work and their goal is your satisfaction with your new custom built-ins and with the overall process.

From concept…


…to Reality


Initial sketches lay the foundation for turning your concept into a reality. Here are some previous concept drawings that have since come to life for our clients!

From concept…

…to Reality


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