A Cut Above uses the very best quality materials in each custom project, and even minor details receive special attention. A Cut Above’s experienced craftsmen have a proven track record of success. Their goal is to construct each piece of custom woodwork to perfection, and the rave reviews they receive time and time again from satisfied clients show that they succeed.

Compared to store-bought cabinetry, A Cut Above’s custom cabinet projects do not contain particle board, pressed board, or MDF (medium-density fiberboard). A Cut Above uses tempered hardboard for file drawer bottoms and certain base cabinet backs. All desktop and cabinet tops are fabricated from solid wood – not plywood. Drawers are constructed using dovetail joinery at all four corners.

A Cut Above uses plywood made in North America composed of wood veneer core. The glue used in making the plywood is urea-formaldehyde free and produces no toxic gases, for your safety.

The crown molding, baseboard, and shoe base are constructed of solid hardwoods and milled to match each client’s existing crown and moldings. A Cut Above designs each project for the space where it will be installed, so it fits in seamlessly. The result? A true built-in look.

Whether the final finish will be stain or paint, A Cut Above craftsmen will sand, stain or paint, and top coat your project with great care. Each type of finish requires a process appropriate to the end result desired. For example, A Cut Above uses a multi-step process for stained projects using wood conditioner if necessary (e.g. cherry projects), an initial hand-wiped stain, and then several coats of toner to achieve the desired richness and to ensure consistency. As a final step, a clear topcoat is applied for durability.

A Cut Above is passionate about woodworking. Paul and his craftsmen woodworkers take pride in the work they do and promise that the craftsmanship of each and every product will be superior.

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All our projects are individually designed and hand crafted to ensure your satisfaction.

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Your home deserves the special touch of custom cabinetry
and woodwork by A Cut Above.

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