Maryland Custom Cabinets

Our team specializes in all forms of custom woodworking, but the area that we really excel at and focus on is custom cabinetry. We speak with many customers that have beautiful homes and kitchens.  But in almost every case we hear about gaps or “dead areas” in their kitchen that are inconvenient, under utilized, or simply unusable because the manufactured cabinets or “semi -custom” cabinets didn’t fit their kitchen.  The cabinets were arranged nicely but let’s face it, a collection of factory made cabinets just aren’t going to make the most out of your existing space. Even if you are remodeling or building an addition, kitchen cabinet sizes are simply not part of the equation until after the room is designed.

We build all of our cabinets from scratch – true custom cabinetry. We build the cabinets to fit your space. As a result we can take advantage of all of your space and we can create designs that highlight the unique size and shape of your room. Our years of experience allow us to design and build cabinets for your kitchen, home office, library, bar, or elsewhere that will truly revolutionize your space.

We will meet with you to understand your vision for the room and what you expect from your custom cabinetry project. Because we provide cabinetry that is truly custom made, every aspect of your cabinets is in your control. We’ll help you pick the wood species and finish best suited for your project and design objectives. And we’ll make feature recommendations that will add functionality and usability to your cabinets resulting in a surprising amount of storage space and convenience.

Where can you benefit from custom cabinetry?

Kitchen Cabinetry

Your kitchen is arguably the most important room in your home. This is probably where you spend the most time and is where the functionality of custom cabinetry can benefit you most. We can create any style you are looking for from contemporary to transitional or traditional. Whatever your taste we can create a design for you. Give us a call and we’ll work with you to design and build a beautiful kitchen that will get the most out of your space and enable a comfortable family gathering and provide a space to conveniently prepare your favorite meals.

In addition, we are now specializing in roll out and pull out drawer solutions for the home.  Many homeowners have builder grade kitchen cabinets that are in really nice condition but weren’t equipped with roll out shelves at the time the home was built.  We can install rollout shelves and pullout shelves in your existing kitchen cabinetry and pantry making the cabinets much easier to use and extending the life of your kitchen.  Please visit our specialized website

homeOfficeSquareHome Office Cabinetry

When you work at home you should enjoy all the function, comfort, and convenience of a properly equipped office. Whether you need a large work surface, easy to reach desk supplies, a slide out keyboard, or simply crave the warmth of a built-in home office, you can count on A Cut Above to deliver for you. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology are making things a bit easier to connect your devices but you’ll probably need to have some wires here and there. We’ll design your cabinetry to accommodate wire runs that can be hidden, yet accessible when needed. Our home office clients are always surprised at how their new workspace exceeds their expectations for convenience and aesthetics.

18 Cherry library media wall 2Media Cabinetry

So you’ve invested several thousand dollars in a killer entertainment system, but the media cabinets in the furniture stores just don’t make it come together the way you had hoped. Either it just won’t look right in the space, or it won’t be convenient to use. We’ve designed and built many custom media cabinets that offer superior functionality and the stunning aesthetics that you want for your home.

librarySquareLibraries and Bookcases

There’s nothing like a custom bookcase or built-in library to properly display your important collectibles, sports memorabilia, phonograph albums, or books that you’ve accumulated over the years. We’ve installed countless bookcases and we have much experience working with clients to develop designs ranging from an elegant wall unit to a fully built-out library. We’ve installed coffered ceilings, glass enclosed bookcases, extensive crown molding, fluted columns, carvings, and many other custom features. But, you don’t have to go overboard. Using our experience we can work with you to design elegant built-in bookcases or a more extensive library at a reasonable cost.

21 Cherry library bar 2Bar Cabinetry

A custom bar can be a great addition to your home that provides a functional space for entertaining as well as an atmosphere conducive to relaxation and good conversation. We can design and build a complete bar experience, custom designed with your personal stock in mind including those of unusual sizes. We’ll make a TV cabinet that’s just right for your new bar and we can even design shelving that’s perfect for your memorabilia. We’ll work with you to understand exactly what you want to store and display. Since we’re not limited by manufactured cabinets we’ll build it just the way you want.

Custom Closets

Custom closets are one of our  favorite types of projects. When complete the client has a beautiful new custom closet and most importantly a host of new function….much pole space, adjustable shelving, shoe storage, laundry baskets, valet poles, and new dressers with lot’s of drawer storage too. And if pricing is important to you, out price for this project was less than the “closet factories”.


Check out our custom work

Napoleon said that “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Take a look at some of our favorite projects over the years and see for yourself how we’ve designed custom cabinetry for unique spaces. Then give us a call to discuss your next project.